How do I know what the flow range is of my downhole motor?

Please select the size of downhole motor you are interested in  to see the flow range information.
  • Lightning Series:  7-3/4" 6-3/4" 4-3/4" High Flow
  • Lightning SS Series: 7-3/4" 6-3/4" 4-3/4"
  • Lightning SS Air Series: 7-3/4" 6-3/4" 4-3/4"
  • Lightning USS-HT Series: 6-3/4"

How do I know what type of float valve goes with my mud motor?

The Lightning Series 4 3/4” mud motor utilizes a 3 1/2 IF float  valve, the Lightning Series 6 3/4” mud motor utilizes a 4R float  valve and the Lightning Series 7 3/4” mud motor utilizes a 6R  float valve.

How do I figure the motor/bit RPM and rotary RPM for a total RPM?

Off Bottom RPG x GPM Pumped + Rotary Speed = Total RPM  Off Bottom

How does a Jaguar performance mud motor turn the bit?

Each Jaguar performance mud motor utilizes a rotor and stator  that is based on the Moineau principle. Drilling fluid is pumped  downhole through the drill pipe and is converted into rotation  and torque. This mechanical energy is transferred through the  rest of the performance mud motor directly to the drill bit.

Do you have hard rubber in your stators?

Our stator rubber is slightly harder than standard elastomers. However, it is not the typical “hard rubber” utilized in the industry. Most jaguar models provide additional torque though extra stages versus harder elastomer.

Jaguar can provide a hard rubber at an additional cost, should a customer request it. Considerations should be made for availability and reduced life expectancy of the stator profile.

How much LCM can your motor handle?

If pre-mixed, anywhere from 25 to 28 lbs per bbl.

Do your downhole motors use a sealed bearing pack?

No, Jaguar downhole motors use a mud lubricated bearing pack.

What is the stall point of one of your motors?

Jaguar has never had one of our motors stall, even with 1,500  pounds of differential pressure. However, a good rule of thumb is  80 percent of the maximum.

What is stage in motor?

The number of stages in a motor power section is the number of  times the rotor makes a 360 degree revolution within the length  of the power section.