Jaguar Downhole Motors

In 2003, Jaguar Downhole Motors was created with the sole purpose of supplying the oil & gas industry with a series of high performance and highly dependable built-for-purpose performance mud motors. We designed a more reliable downhole motor series with a higher torque-speed ratio.

Jaguar downhole motors provide clear advantages for vertical drilling applications. They deliver an increased rate of penetration and better hole deviation control. Jaguar downhole motors also reduce drilling string failure rate, casing and drill pipe wear, wear and tear of the swivel, Kelly and rotary drives and fuel cost because less energy is required to power a Jaguar mud motor. This means downhole performance motors can reduce your overall drilling costs and increase your drilling efficiency.

Jaguar’s built-for-purpose straight hole drilling motor was designed to accommodate the demands of high performance drilling operations, which can only be accomplished through capability of speed, torque of the motor and minimal performance failure and loss in hole. If you look inside a Jaguar mud motor, you will see that the internal workings are more solidly designed in order to withstand the demands of a higher weight on bit applications, especially in the driveline components. Jaguar has proven our downhole motors’ excellent performance capabilities in the onshore markets of the Gulf Coast, Permian Basin, and Rocky Mountains, with field and client record runs in each area.

Not only does Jaguar supply a superior performance mud motor, but we supply the kind of customer service you need to perform to the best of your abilities. We will customize your drilling program in order to help you succeed. All Jaguar downhole motors are built in-house, so Jaguar has control of the quality and workmanship that goes into building each piece of the mud motor. When you rent a Jaguar motor, you will also work with a customer service representative who will instruct your floor hands in how to run our downhole motor. Our experienced staff is available around-the-clock to answer your questions and assist you with your motor needs. If you need more direct attention, our representative will come to your site to work through the issue with you.