Jaguar Downhole Motors Manufacturing


Jaguar Downhole Motors’ clear dedication to quality is one of the  leading factors in the success of our motors. Jaguar builds all of  our mud motors in-house, so we have complete control of the  quality and workmanship that goes into building our downhole  motors. Jaguar’s commitment to quality control ensures you  receive a product that will meet the demands of downhole drilling.  There are several elements of quality control factored into our  process, including:

Component Traceability

Jaguar serializes all major components of our mud motors so their  status can be closely monitored throughout the life of the motor.

MP Inspection

Jaguar utilizes third party inspection to inspect all major  components of the performance mud motor after each field run.  The downhole performance motor is completely disassembled,  prepped and inspected with the wet magnetic-particle inspection  method. All internal/external connections and internal drive  components are inspected for cracking and connection damage.

Visual/Dimensional Inspection

Once a Jaguar motor has been run through the wet magnetic- particle inspection process, each component then undergoes a  visual and dimensional inspection to determine whether or not it is  reusable.