Air 4-3/4″ Lightning-SS Performance Motor

The Lightning-SS Air Series Mud Motor provides the slower  speed ratios demanded by the new generation PDC bits. These  performance downhole motors have all the same benefits of the  Lightning Series Mud Motor, but typically with half of the RPM  range, a higher flow rate and the motor uses air injection in the  drilling process.

The Jaguar Lightning Series Mud Motor comes with all of the  standard operational features found in the extreme performance  drilling motors on the market. The following product  enhancements will make your drilling more successful.

  • The Lightning mud motor is 30'-31'. This allows the motor to  be “racked back” with the string, eliminating motor placement in  the mouse hole during surface operations.
  • The top sub offers an area for float valves, eliminating the  need for an extra sub in the BHA.
  • Metal-on-Metal Rotor Catch Device. This allows circulations  when the catch device is engaged.
  • The power section offers the high torque required for PDC  applications, and slow RPM essential for tri-cone bits.
  • Jaguar downhole motors incorporate a proven High Strength  CV Joint Assembly.
  • Jaguar mud motors have reduced external and internal  connections
  • Jaguar performance downhole motors include a Mud Flow  Bearing Assembly for consistent and reliable performance.
  • Jaguar mud motors have a Bearing Mandrel Catch Device  near the bit.
  • There is a shock absorbing capability designed to extend  the life of both the bearing pack and bit.
  • Jaguar motors contain a revolutionary thrust bearing  assembly for extended high WOB operations.
  • Jaguar downhole motors include a Rig-Site Thrust Bearing  Evaluation.

The Lightning mud motor utilizes designs proven to handle  extreme drilling environments. Jaguar has also proven to  increase rate of penetration and shorten our clients’ drilling  programs. The Lightning Series mud motor provides safety  catch features, high torque power section that offers power in  reserve and a bearing pack that can withstand the extremes of  high performance drilling.

Performance Data

Flow Rate
550-1250 SCPM

648 psi

Torque Slope
7.44 ft-lb/psi

Operating Torque (max)
4821 ft-lbs

112 hp

Speed Ratio
No Load = .35 rev/gal
50% Load = .33 rev/gal
100% Load = .28 rev/gal

No Load = 52-122 rpm
50% Load = 46-116 rpm
100% Load = 31-101 rpm

Physical Data

Overall Length


Top Connection
3-1/2" I.F. Box

Bottom Connection
3-1/2" Reg. Box

Float Valve Bore
3-1/2 IF Float

Bit Box Gap
1-7/8" (open)
1-3/8" (closed)

Operating Data

Operating: 30,000 lbs.
Maximum: 70,000 lbs.

Motor Overpull
Operating: 133,000 lbs.
Maximum: 331,000 lbs.